Frequently Asked Questions

1What are your rates?

Only $75 for a General evaluation, $99 for a Course by Course (CBC) evaluation for high school, $139 for a post-secondary CBC, and $199 for a CBC for immigration. Additional evaluations are discounted. Translations are $24.99 per page for all languages, up to 250 words/page.

2How long does it take?

Translation are completed in 1-3 calendar days, and evaluations 5 business days after payment is received. Standard mailing takes 5 business days (US) or 8-10 business days (Canada).

3 What is a General evaluation?

General evaluations are most used for work purposes, and include our analysis of your diploma, our assessment of the equivalent degree within the US or Canadian school system, our certification as to our evaluation accuracy, notarization and mailing to one address. Our General evaluation are approximately 4-5 pages long.

4What is a Course by Course (CBC) evaluation?

CBC evaluations are suitable for continuing education, work or immigration purpose, and include our analysis of your diploma and transcripts/marksheets, our assessment of the equivalent degree and GPA within the US or Canadian school system, credit calculation, our certification as to our evaluation accuracy, notarization and mailing to one address. CBC evaluations are typically 7-10 pages long.

5What if I don’t like it?

As an accredited agency, we offer a simple satisfaction guarantee - if you’re not satisfied with your draft documents, just cancel prior to mailing for a full refund (excluding rush fees).

6Why are your competitors so expensive?

A lot of our competitors process orders like they did before the internet – via snail mail. We manage everything securely online, which means we can process your order far more efficiently, keeping our prices to the lowest possible level. Why pay more?!

7Shouldn’t I just get a General evaluation?

General evaluations are most often used to prove degree attainment to employers and for vocational college applications only. For immigration or continuing education purposes, CBC evaluations are required.

8What if my documents aren’t in English?

We have you covered! As American Translator Association members, we have a pool of worldwide, bilingual translators standing by. Document translation is only $24.99/page for all languages (up to 250 words/page), and usually takes 1-3 days. All translations are certified and notarized, and come with guaranteed acceptance for work, immigration or education purposes.

9How do I get started?

Just email your documents here. We’ll respond with a quote and if you accept it it we’ll email you an invoice that you can pay securely online. Your evaluation can be underway within 15 minutes.

10I need it right away!

We can deliver your project in as little as 12 hours, complemented by rush mailing options. Email us your needs here, or ask our chat team for a quote.

11What if I have corrections or comments?

Any corrections or comments are handled immediately - just click on the link in our email. We’ll usually have an updated document back to you within hours. We're not finished until you're satisfied with the document!

12Is my evaluation certified?

All evaluation are certified and come with an original notary stamp and signature, acceptable for all work, immigration or educational needs.

13Will my evaluation expire?

Your evaluation does not expire.

14What if I need a copy in future?
We keep a copy of the documents we prepare for you on file permanently. Just contact us for fresh copies.
15Will USCIS or my employer accept my course by course evaluation?

We guarantee your evaluation and/or translation will be accepted by your employer or immigration agency in the US and Canada (excluding Express Entry program), as well as for military enrollments.

16Will my course by course evaluation be accepted by my school?

Yes. You can rest easy with our 100% Acceptance Guarantee for all schools, colleges and universities.

17I ordered over five business days ago – where’s my draft document?

Please check your spam/junk folder first. If you don’t see anything there, just email us here and we’ll respond right away.

18Who is

We’re part of Validential Corp., an accredited, independent credential evaluation agency and passionate about serving our clients. Rated A by the Better Business Bureau, we're members of the Association of International Educators (NAFSA – member #155004), TAICEP, EIAE and NAGAP. We're experts in evaluating foreign transcripts and degrees from every corner of the globe to US or Canadian standards.

19Where are you located?

We’re based in California, and serve customers throughout the US and Canada. Overseas clients are always welcome.

20Other questions?

Email us here. We're waiting to help!